Saturday, June 10, 2006

On My Own

I am someone's brain. This guy has not been treating me well for quite some time now. And one fine day (today precisely) we decide to part our ways. Whatever he does, believes or pretends-to-imagine no more corelates to my functions or dysfunction.

I am on my own. While I agreed to not move out physically from my small apartment in his edifice, we also settled for mutually-exclusive schools of thought.

Currently, I am selfstorming over my new project.
This would deal with implantation of extremely minuscule microphones and amp-sets into the human vocal chord and ear ducts respectively. These two units will communicate through the existing nervous system network and would be controlled by the not-so-busy prefrontal cortex. Transceivers and receivers would be parked in the phalanges and the carpals respectively.

I plan to unveil the design drawing very soon.
Nokia, Motorola and the likewise might just be interested in using my setup to integrate with their existing legacy systems and products. I am open for a talk on those lines.

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